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​​I love art camp!​​

   Thank-you Ms. Contadino for teaching me so many things

about art and making me

laugh along the way. You are the 

best art teacher I  have ever had.

     - Cassandra, Age 10, Scottsdale

  I love Ms. Contadino teaching us

all the different art lessons

like "Beautiful Oops". 

- Demetri,  Age 8

  My favorite thing to do was

drawing my self-portrait 

and coloring shapes.  

 - Brishen,  Age 6



  • Learn new art techniques.
  • Explore various media such as air dry clay, water colors, paints, and optical illusions every week
  • Build confidence in expressing ideas.​​
  • Open gallery every Friday Afternoon during Art Camp for students to share their  progress and creativity with their guests.


     Facts from around the world and inspirational quotes (scripture too) are tied together to

inspire be you as you grow your creativity! Ms. Contadino is a certified elementary

teacher and art teacher  for grades K-12 . She recognizes the skill levels in each developing

artist to challenge them to excel in attaining their goals and meeting their potential.

                                          Learn more about Julie Contadino here.

           Art Classes are located at

           Open Arms Church

           4640 N. Granite Reef Rd

           Scottsdale, AZ 85251
           Monday-Friday,  9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.
           Session 1: June 4-8th - Hawaiian Hullabaloo
           Sessiom 2:  June 11-15th - Unique Me!
           Session 3:  June 18-22nd  -  Optical Illusions
           Session 4:  June 25-28th - Clayworks

Cost:  SAVE $70 with Early Bird Pricing thru April 17th includes all art supplies, materials, personalized instruction,  great memories 
 and t-shirt for $150 per session for age groups 6 -10 and 10-10 years. $10 savings per additional child and/or session.  

Early Bird Available at 8:30 a.m. for an additional $15 per week

Working Bird Available from 3:00p.m. until 4:00 p.m. for additional $30 per week

Daily Drop in rate of $35 based on availability. Class size limited.

Scholarships available (click here).