I love art cLASS!

  Thank-you Ms. Contadino for teaching me so many things about art and making me laugh along the way. You are

  best art teacher I have ever had.     - Cassandra, Age 10, Scottsdale

  I love Miss Contadino teaching us all the  different art lessons like "Beautiful Oops".- Demetri,  Age 8, Scottsdale

  My favorite thing to do was drawing my self portrait and coloring shapes.- Brishen,  Age 6, Scottsdale

Facts from around the world, inspirational quotes, and humor are tied together into exciting art projects to inspire every artist at heart.  The instructor's initials are JAC, which translates to God is gracious. Jac is dual certified as a K-12 art teacher and  K-8 elementary teacher in the Scottsdale Unified School District. Julie Contadino recognizes the skill levels in every student and challenges them to excel in attaining their goals and enjoy growing their own creativity!

  • Learn new art techniques.    
  • Grow creativity and strengthen problem solving skills.   
  • Learn how to use various media such as air dry clay,                                                                                         water colors, and paints!
  • Explore a variety of art  such as optical illusions,                                                                          2-D drawing, 3-D art forms, and Zentangles.
  • Engage the mind with whole brain learning.  
  • Receive personalized instruction from a certified art teacher 
  • Build confidence in expressing ideas.​
Grow Your Creativity 
in Scottsdale!

JAC of Hearts - How great thou art 

Join us for a New Class!

Vision Boarding July 29th from 12 Noon to 3:00 PM at Hobby Lobby.

One Saturday of each Month

FOR ADULTS (afternoon) AND CHILDREN (morning)!


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October 8th- Optical Illusions Infamous Op Art is explored hands on. Learn

how to create your own illusions in spheres, words, and objects using ink.

November 19th- Candle CrazePersonalized candle making at it's best with

photos, quotes, and fragrance options provided. Bring a few photocopies too!

December 10th- Clay Works Explore air dry clay and functional art for everyday

living and expression! Perfect for gift giving too.

Children (ages 8 and up) 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m.
Adult Classes - 1:00- 4:00p.m.​

Cost: $45  includes all art supplies, materials, and take home surprise. 

Multiple session/ punch card discount available as 2 classes for $60.  

Class size is limited. Scholarships available. All payments are secured thru Pay-Pal.