​​JAC of HeArts

JAC of HeArts offers specialized instruction for:

  •  Students of all ages
  •  Private Parties 
  •  Scout events
  •  Individual classes  
  • ​ Sparking creativity
  •  Strengthening problem solving skills 
  •  Developing confidence 

Jac is a certified Visual Arts Instructor for grades K-12. Scripture themed classes, artistry services and custom gifts are available upon request.

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​​Art Workshops 

Available for artists of all ages. Whether for a private event, such as a birthday party or scout meeting, our classes are tailored to the need and goals of the students.





for Young 


Art Camp

Our exciting art projects are tied together with facts from around the world. Music, math, science and more make art come to life. Students explore different media while growing their creativity and expression.

Connect Your Creativity and Watch it Grow 

 With JAC of Heart's classes in Scottsdale ! 

How Great Thou Art

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