Facts from around the world and inspirational quotes are tied together to inspire you...to discover your skills as you grow your creativity! Ms. Contadino is a certified elementary teacher and art teacher  for grades K-12 in SUSD . She recognizes the skill levels in each developing artist to 

challenge them to excel in attaining their goals and meeting their potential. She is also a tutor and executive function coach for AZ Family Life and Counseling.  Learn more about Julie Contadino here.​​


We are having lots of fun here designing our camps with 

new ideas from our young creatives. Thinking outside the box

takes a little more time to add depth and a clear perspective

for our camps for kids. Follow us on facebook to stay

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We have 5 weeks available to choose from for ages 5-12.


  • Learn new art techniques.

  • Explore multimedia such as air dry clay, water colors,

  • paints, and optical illusions every week.

  • Build confidence in expressing ideas.​​

  • Enjoy fun team building games and activities.

  • Outdoor playground and free choice time.

  • ​Open art gallery Friday afternoon during Art Camp for students                                                                                                                    to share their progress and creativity with their friends and family. 

  • Masks optional per CDC or local guidelines. 


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JAC OF HEARTS Classes 2015 and 2016

Grow Your Creativity

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​​​​​I love art camp!​​

​ Thank-you Ms. Contadino for teaching me so many

things about art and making me laugh along the way.

You are the best art teacher I  have ever had.

     - Cassandra, Age 10, Scottsdale

 I love Ms. Contadino teaching us all the different 

art lessons like "Beautiful Oops". 

- Demetri,  Age 8

My favorite thing to do was drawing my self-portrait

 and coloring shapes.  - Brishen,  Age 6