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             Thank-you Ms. Contadino for teaching me so many things about art and making me laugh along the way. 

You are best art teacher I have ever had. - Cassandra, Age 10, Tonalea Elementary Scottsdale

 I want to thank you for being such an amazing teacher!! It takes a BIG heart to help shape little minds - 

and your love for the Griebel children and all the others - is such a treasured gift! Your love of art inspired them

   and you "created" with smile, words, hands, eyes, and heart to their minds and their hearts!! I so appreciate you!!

You are such a blessing!!! God Bless You Abundantly - Chris (Baba), Navajo Elementary Grandparent

I love Miss Contadino teaching us all the  different art lessons like "Beautiful Oops".

- Demetri,  Age 8, Our Lady of Perpetual Help SchoolScottsdale

My favorite thing to do was drawing my self portrait and coloring shapes.

- Brishen,  Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Age 6, Scottsdale

Thank-you to all the beYOUtiful people I am blessed to know on this journey! I am blessed beyond measure

and it is a priviledge to teach as well as learn from my students, as Socrates once did. - Julie Contadino (JAC)


Facts from around the world, inspirational quotes, and humor are tied together into exciting art projects and techniques to inspire every artist at heart.  Julie Contadino is dual certified as a K-12 art teacher and  K-8 elementary teacher. She has been teaching for over 13 years. Julie Contadino received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and recognizes the skill levels in her students, empowers them, and challenges them to set and surpass their goals while growing their creativity in a teamwork setting! The instructor's initials are JAC, which translates to God is gracious.​​ She is a certified coach, teacher, a National Board Candidate, and is working towards her Gifted Certification. Learn more about Julie Contadino here

  • Learn new art techniques. 
  • Strengthen a growth mindset.
  • Grow creativity and problem solving skills.
  • Learn how to use various media such as air dry clay,                                                    water colors, and paint!
  • Explore a variety of art  such as optical illusions,            ​                                                              drawing, 3D art forms, and Zentangles.
  • Engage the mind with whole brain learning.  
  • Receive personalized instruction
  • Certified and experienced teacher
  • Develop self expression. 
  • Learn about art related facts and cultures.
  • Enjoy art expression thru dance, singing, and music too.
  • Increase fine motor skills.​
  • Experience mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Stimulate new neuro pathways.
  • Build confidence.